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Alphabetical Runboard Design Topic Links List

This Index of Runboard Design topics is a shortcut link system designed to take the user to wherever the topic is located. In many cases that will be someplace on this board but the link might take you to one of the official Runboards or to another unofficial board that discusses the topic listed here.

Legend: Image=CSS Image=HTML Image=CLS Image=ECL Image=Misc. Control Panel Options
Legend: Image=Discussion/Comments made on this board (click to see).

Alphabetical List Last Updated: February 28, 2012

Alphabetical "Clickable" Index

- Numeric -

- A -
Admin and Mods, custom colors on main board Image Image
Advertising, free board restrictions
Adult Content (text)
Amber Alert Tickers <iframe> Image Image

- B -
Back To Top link in posts Image
Board Date & Time (setting) Image

- C -
Calendar, <iframe> Image Image
Calendar, Pick-A-Month Image Image Image
Click to the top/bottom by Josh and Moose Image Image Image
Clock (add-on for your board members) Image
Counter, Flag Image

- D -
Different customizations in different forums Image

- E -
Embeding YouTube videos, a "how-to" discussion Image

- F -
Favicons (icon in your message boards url) Image
Flag Counter Image
Forum Jump Image Image
Forum Name, making it stand out Image Image

- G -
Games (flash and shockwave) Image Image

- H -

- I -
Icons for Board Support and Social Networks Image
Images Instead of Text Image

- J -

- K -

- L -
Log-on That is Hidden Image
Login from a External Website Image

- M -
Menu, drop down (styled via CSS) Image Image
.miscoptbar buttons through CSS Image

- N -

- O -

- P -
Pick-A-Month Calendar Image Image Image
Posting Area (borders) Image Image
PhotoFiltre - PC Graphics Editor Image

- Q -
Quick Log-in Box ImageImage
Quick Reply ImageImage

- R -
Remove "edited by xxx" in posts Image
R.I.P. Memorial tombstone on memberlist Image Link Image
Runboard Popular Site add-on Image Image
Runboard Web-Ring Image Image

- S -
Short URL list
Sidebar - Basic (fixed width) Image Image Image
Sidebar - Basic Offset Image Image Image
Sidebar - Right, Basic (fixed width) Image Image Image
Sidebar - Left, Banner on Top (fixed width) Image Image Image
Sidebar - Right, Banner on Top (fixed width) Image Image Image
Sidebar - Left, Banner on Top (flex-width)Image Image Image
Sidebar - Right, Banner on Top (flex-width)Image Image Image
Skin Posting Template
Spoiler Tags with CSS Image
Stretching Background Images Image Image

- T -
Text Color Image
Tiny URL's Image

- U -

- V -

- W -
Web-Ring, Runboard Image Image

- X -

- Y -

- Z -

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Remove the 'Edited by' text
Simple CSS code will fix this, enter the following into your CSS Window

span.postlisteditedby, span.postlisteditedbyvalue{ display: none; }

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