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Admin and Mod Custom colors

So lets say you like the way things look on your board but you would like to change the color of the admin and mod names that show up on your administrators and moderators list.

The CSS that does this is controlled by the .forumlistmoderators and .forumlistadministrators settings. To target and control just those links without touching the others you just declare the .forumlistmoderators or .forumlistadministrators with the links like this:

.forumlistadministrators a.ul_pastor_rick:link, .forumlistadministrators a.ul_pastor_rick:visited {
    color: #FF0000;

In the example I used the .forumlistadministrators class because I wanted to change the admin color for just the admin Pastor Rick. Change the parts I enlarged with your own information and choices to do this on your board. emoticon


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