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Tidy HTML Online

Runboard has Global Administrators (all of whom are listed in the admin line at Runboard Support) who have the ability to go in and look at the codes for any board when helping people.

This is great but what if you are not a Runboard Global Admin and you want to help someone with a coding problem? If the problem is CSS related it is easy, just view the boards page source and the CSS is laid out nicely so you can see what they did wrong.

The HTML for the page is also there but unlike the CSS the HTML is one huge chunk of text that is really hard to read and this makes it very hard to see any errors the person may have committed on that side of the coding equation.

Enter from stage right ]HTML Tidy Online! This wonderful tool will take that almost unreadable mass of code and tidy it up so it is in a readable by humans format.

You still need to know which portion of the codes are Runboard generated and which are user provided to really help but with a readable format your odds of being able to help are much greater. emoticon


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