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Heads up....

FIRST....Pastor, you and PK don't forget to stop into Queeny's IMPORTANT EVENTS room for your ANNIVERSARY....I have a special...surprise graphic there...LOL

HEY GANG...HUGE HEADS UP HERE...come Saturday we will be traveling, Sunday too. Going to my Parents in Idaho. This happens yearly...and during the time at my parents I don't have 6 to 8 hours a day to play online..lucky if I have enough time to JUST get through Queeny's and my Runboard duties.
Normally everyone just puts up with this until July when we NORMALLY leave my parents and start our Summer travels.
 But they are getting terribly frail and we may not leave this year........or next....or next, until....well you know. I'm just giving a very sad heads up that you all may not see me around.
I WILL TRY...but if you really need to talk to me, you may have to stop my Queeny's...I feel badly to have to say this and to be honest, I do not like how my life is about to change. But we must do what life calls on us to do, right? Anywho...a heads up, I do care about each and every one of you. You are my online have no idea how much your support and laughter have made my life so much more enriched...♥ You may find this exact "Heads up" on a lot of sites...I have to say it to everyone I visit, unfortunately....but I do still care, so think of me once in a while will ya, as I know I'll be thinking of ALL of you, always.♥


*The noblest art is that of making others happy ~ P.T. Barnum.*
'Stay where there are songs."....Gypsy proverb~

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Re: Heads up....

The graphic won't bite me will it? emoticon


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