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R.I.P. memorial tombstone

Runboard has given us the ability to place "small" graphics next to a users name so I created this small CSS snippet which will put a small headstone next to the users name when people look at the memberlist for your board. Just copy and paste the following in your boards CSS to implement it and do not worry about the graphic, I have unlimited bandwidth so the pic will always be there.

.ak_msg_seememberlist_user_td1 a.ul_users_name:link, .ak_msg_seememberlist_user_td1 a.ul_users_name:visited, .ak_msg_seememberlist_user_td2 a.ul_users_name:link, .ak_msg_seememberlist_user_td2 a.ul_users_name:visited {
    height: 16px;
    padding-left: 20px;
    background:url('') top left no-repeat;

You will need to change the bit I have in red to the users name who has passed away. The name must be in all lower case and any spaces must be replaced by the underscore character. Notice also that the name has to be repeated for td1 and td2 since we do not know which of the columns the name might end up in as time goes on...


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